Kellie Snider

Kellie Snider, M.S., B.S., BCABA
Review Board

Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas

Master of Science in Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas

Current Employment
Editor, Behavior Logic EZine
Columnist:  Knee Deep; Water Gardening Magazine
Teaching Fellow; Department of Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas
Research Assistant; Center for Public Service, University of North Texas
Seminar Organizer

Professional Certifications
Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA) 0-05-1953
Tellington TTouch Practitioner-in-Training (TTouch PiT) Practitioner training completion:  Oct. 2005.

Educational Associations
President ORCA (Operant Reinforcement Contingencies in Animals Lab-UNT)
Member BASAA (Behavior Analysis Student & Alumni Association-UNT)

Professional Memberships 
Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA),
International Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention and victim support.
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)
Volunteer Activities
DFW Center for Autism,  Board of Directors Member
University Behavior Analysis Courses Taken at UNT:
Behavior Principles 1 (Teaching Fellow Carrie Hart)
Behavior Principles 2  (Teaching Fellow Nicole Byrd)
Data Collection & Analysis (Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz)
Behavior Change Techniques (Dr. Janet Ellis)
Survey of Applied Behavior Analysis Literature (Dr. Richard Smith)
Building Skills with Behavior Technology (Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz)
Functional Analysis & Problem Behavior (Dr. Richard Smith)
Self-Management of Behavior (Dr. Janet Ellis)
Organizational Behavior Management (Dr. Cloyd Hyten)
Advanced Readings in Behavior Analysis (Capstone) (Dr. Richard Smith)
Special Problems (ORCA-  Animal Training Lab) (Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz)
Thesis Research In Progress (2004-2005):  Canine Aggression.  Advisor Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, PhD.
Introduction to Behavior Analysis (Advanced) (Dr. Sigrid Glenn)
Techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (Dr. Richard Smith)
Experimental Analysis of Behavior (Dr. Manish Vaidya)
Observation & Measurement of Behavior (Dr. Janet Ellis)
Practicum (Teaching Processes) (Dr. Sigrid Glenn)
Behavior Theory & Philosophy (Dr. Sigrid Glenn- Fall 2005)
Research Methodology (Dr. Cloyd Hyten- Fall 2005)
Animal Related Instruction (Not for University Credit):
Karen Pryor
March 2002:  6-Hour Workshop:  Texas Association for Behavior Analysis Conference, Dallas.
Linda Tellington-Jones - (Kellie Snider Host)
March 2005:  3 days Practitioner Training
Dr. Roger Mugford
March 2005:  Halti Equipment Demo at TTouch Training with Linda Tellington-Jones
Mary Waugh (2002) -
Dogskills 101 (Greyhounds Only)
Dogskills 102 (Greyhounds Only)
Barbara Heidenreich  --
May 2002:  Parrot Training
Kathy Cascade - (2002-2004)
Nov. 2002:  1-day TTouch seminar, Oklahoma City.
2003:  9 weekend seminars for dogs Kellie Snider Host
2003:  1 weekend demo for cats  Kellie Snider Host
June 2004:  5-Day Introduction to TTouch Practitioner Training Kellie Snider Host
August 2004:  7-Day TTouch Practitioner Training, Week 2  Kellie Snider Host
Melissa Alexander - Kellie Snider Host
2-Day seminar:  Click For Joy! (2003)
2-Day seminar:  Puppy Einstein (2004)
Virginia Broitman & Sherry Lippman (2004) ORCA Lab at UNT Host
4-Hour seminar:  Clicker Training seminar
Edie Jane Eaton - Kellie Snider Host
November 2004:  7-Day Tellington TTouch Practitioner Training (Week 3) 
October 2005:  7-Day Tellington TTouch Practitioner Training  (Week 6)
Debby Potts - Kellie Snider Host
March 2005:  7-Day Tellington TTouch Practitioner Training    (Week 4)
July 2005:  7-Day Tellington TTouch Practitioner Training       (Week 5)
Corally Burmaster - (2002) Airedale Terrier Club of Dallas Host
Clicker Training
Brenda Aloff - (2005) Michele Crouse & Kellie Snider Host
Aggression In Dogs
Dr. Robert Curran- (2005)
New Trix Head Halter Demo at Brenda Aloff Seminar
Melinda Johnson- (1998)
Online coaching on Clicker Training the Aggressive Parrot
Linda Morrow and Doug Cook- (1998)
Online coaching on Clicker Training the Aggressive Parrot

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