Maren Jensen

Maren Jensen, Ph.D., B.S.
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I am a trainer in-training with Courteous Canine, Inc. and as of now I TA for various classes including Intro to Agility, Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience.  I am owned by two dogs and one cat: Suzi is a rescue I found about 4 years ago, Keegan is a Border Collie puppy I’ve recently acquired, and Pepper is my very aged cat who puts up with his dog counterparts very well.  

Suzi has been competing in Agility since 2003 and has earned titles in AKC and UKC, she also has her CGC.  If she wants she will compete in Rally-Obedience.  She is a great addition to my family.

Lock-Eye Fuse Lit N Ready, aka Keegan is from a breeder in Oklahoma.  He is a red and white Border Collie pup-in-training for Agility, Herding, Obedience and anything else his heart desires.  He recently earned his CGC title at about 5 months of age.  He is my first and probably not my last Border Collie, he definitely keeps me active.

Pepper is also a rescue that my brother found on my birthday about 15 years ago.  He’s been the best cat ever since.  He, however, is not active in any competitions.

Academic Achievements:

I attended the University of North Florida from 1997-2000 and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology.  I took many courses that focused on ecology and animal behavior.  Presently, I am attending the University of South Florida.  By May of 2006, I will have completed my graduate work in Alzheimer’s disease research and earned a Doctorate in Biology, specializing in Neuroscience.  Throughout my graduate work, I have become proficient in behavioral testing of animal models, extensively performed genotyping through DNA extraction and PCR, as well as analyzed immunohistochemical and pathological tissues from animal brains.  My work towards my degree has included completion of a study of long-term active vaccination, a study to test the effects of differing amounts of dietary fish oil, and  assessing the effects of injections of green tea extract on transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Jensen, M., Mottin, M., Cracchiolo, J., Leighty, R. and Arendash, G.  Lifelong immunization with human β-amyloid (1-42) protects Alzheimer’s transgenic mice againstcognitive impairment throughout aging.  Neuroscience 130 (2005) 667-684.


Needless to say, I am fascinated with animal behavior and the underlying physiological component that contributes to their behavior.  That is the major reason that I am involved in dog training.  I am also interested in education of the general public in order to provide a better understanding of different behaviors in hopes of reducing the number of abandoned and neglected animals.

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