AABP Pillars

The AABP was founded on these principles:

Behaviorological Orientation:

The AABP and its membership are dedicated to the highly efficient and effective technology of behavior derived from the natural science of behavior, behaviorology (as opposed to ethological, psychological or medical-model orientation.) Behaviorology is founded on the philosophical orientation of radical behaviorism as devised by B.F. Skinner. Radical behaviorism assumes a naturalistic foundation and informs the study of behavior for its own sake without reference to mentalistic underlying causes. For an elaboration of behaviorology, click below: 



Behaviorology is the comprehensive and complete independent natural science of behavior. While behavior analysis is a branch of psychology, it too, considered on its own is behaviorological as it relates to the orientation of AABP members. In other words, AABP welcomes professionals from both behaviorology and behavior analysis.


Dedication to added non-coercive methods

The AABP and its membership are strongly dedicated to added reinforcement-emphasized methods out of respect for the rights and dignity of the subject no matter what species they are. It is not possible to always avoid all forms of aversive stimulation (which includes simply failing to reinforce a non-criterion behavior), but AABP members are dedicated to finding solutions that emphasize added reinforcement. It cannot be stated strongly enough: aversive methods are almost always counterproductive.