The Candidate will make arrangements with a qualified exam invigilator to take the exam. Qualified exam invigilators will be unrelated to the candidate and will not be associated with them in any other way that might be perceived as a conflict of interest. The invigilator will not qualify to sit for this exam once they have invigilated the exam. They must operate professionally under a code of ethics and may include:

  • AABP Certified Members who have completed the exam successfully already

  • AABP Advisory Board Members

  • IAABC Certified Members (who have either taken the exam or who are willing to be ineligible to take the exam)

  • Medical Doctors

  • Lawyers

  • University / College Professors 

  • Notary publics 

  • Veterinarians


If the invigilator requires a fee for this service, it will be the sole responsibility of the candidate to arrangement payment. Have the invigilator contact us for verification of their qualifications and approval as well as instructions. Provide at least two (2) weeks between their contacting us and administration of your exam.

To invigilators: Invigilators will be asked to maintain confidentiality with regards to exam content and Candidate related information and to swear that they will uphold the integrity of the invigilation process. Please provide us with copies of any documentation that will verify your qualification as listed above. You may scan and email them or send them to us with the address that we will provide. Alternatively, if you are listed on the organization's web site, which functions to verify your qualification, provide us the direct link. Once we have verified your qualifications, we will approve you to invigilate the exam for the candidate and provide you with the instructions and the exam package via email. The exam allows 3 hours. If you invigilate this exam, you will be disqualified from taking the exam in the future so if you think you may want to take this exam at some point, do not entertain requests to invigilate it.

To Candidates: If you intend to take the exam, see the membership page to ensure that you have all of the other qualifications for professional membership and then once you finish and pass the exam, you may apply for professional membership. At that time, request the forms for that. Find an individual qualified and willing to invigilate your exam for you and make arrangements to do so. Provide us with the contact information for your invigilator and we will be in touch once they have contacted us and have been approved. 

The candidate may take the exam on paper or in a word processor depending on the availability with your invigilator. A word processor completed exam will be faster in terms of getting your results back. If you will be completing the exam on paper, bring extra blank paper and writing instruments and it is vital that you print / write clearly as illegible writing will not generate points. When choosing an invigilator, if you have a preference as to which method you want to use, ensure you can take advantage of that method before proceeding with them to ensure you will be able to take the exam in the way you want.

Only the resulting score will be provided for each core areas/section and the exam as a whole. We will not be able to provide details on what specific test items were correct and incorrect.